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The Garden

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Orders from abroad

International orders are welcome.

Shipping costs for orders from customers abroad will depend on type of product format, total weight of the package and shipping type. The costs will automatically be added when you place your order. For questions regarding shipping costs, please contact us by e-mail butikk@thegarden.no. We do not take responsibility for un-registered shipments that get lost in the mail. (this rarely happens, but…)

For larger items and insurance costs please e-mail butikk@thegarden.no for prices.

All orders taken on this website are processed on our secure server. All orders will be charged in Norwegian kroner. 100 Norwegian kroner is today approx US$16.


1. Credit Cards – Visa, Master/Eurocars, Amex, Diners

2. Paypal -

All orders payed by credit cards will be dispatched within 3 days of transaction. Orders payed by paypal or invoice in advance will be dispatched on receipt or clearance of balance.